A long way around the barn – I’ve seen this story popping up in various places and just took the Downes link this morning to check it out. Watch the video and read the post.

How Does the (US) News Shape the Way We See the World
So, what do we do? How do we get our children to better understand the global context? How do we get our kids to see the importance of global perspectives? And more importantly, how do we get them to care?

In our discussions of “what do students care about?” and “how do we make them interested?” we need to consider what we give them to be interested in.

The video points out the dearth of coverage, so that also raises the question of “where do we FIND this news?”

Answer is 3-letters: RSS


Al Jazeera

It’s *really* interesting to see the differences in what makes the “top stories” between these two and CNN.

3 Responses to “Cultural Disconnections”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I watched the video on that blog and it is very true. The type of news that we are concerned with in this country pertains mostly to what the latest celebrity drama. It’s very sad when we consider the latest Brittany Spears drama to be more important than what is going on in Iraq. How do we distract our students from falling into the trap of focusing on Hollywood nonsense and focus on more important issues?

  2. Lexie Says:

    I must admit, when I first started with Dr. Lowell’s class I didn’t even know what a RSS even was and now I truly believe that my life would not function without it. I keep hearing about how TV ratings keep declining for the major news outlets and no wonder, I haven’t watched any of them in years. I get 95% of my news from the internet. I do believe that the TV news industry is dire need of help. Amazing, about the differences in culture. I love the BBC.

  3. Barbara Nantz Says:

    ok, so what is the best source for news. I watch the local news to find out things around here. Usually it is bad, but they do try to focus and good things too. I looked at the other sites you gave us and none of them cared about what Brittney Spears is doing and neither do I. I have said for years if the news would leave her alone, she probably would become normal again. I am interested in what goes on over seas because they seem to be the leaders in all the innovation that are taking place now a days. Ok, now I am going to say something that I will probably get in trouble over, but here goes; I know what a RSS feed is, but don’t know how to use it. Do I click on it and it automatically adds to my google reader or what. I have clicked them before but don’t know how to get them set up. If this is too hard to explain I can wait and learrn on my own. If not, a short explanation would be great. Sorry to wait so long before asking. 🙁

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