We often talk about global perspectives but, unless you’re really looking, you might not see them. The Learning 2.008 conference just wrapped up in Shanghai and Jeff Utecht has a nice little photo album and recap.

Learning 2.008: A moment.
I think these pictures tell the story better than I can. I always have this weird feeling when the conference is over. Part of me is so relieved that it’s over and another part of me never wanted it to end. I was tired, running on pure adrenalin by the end of it but so excited to see educators learning together and from each other.

If you weren’t seeing this unfold on your aggregators, then you need to add a few people to your list.

3 Responses to “Shanghai Notes”

  1. Elizabeth Freeman Says:

    I would love to go to an international conference, but unless I can pay for it myself it won’t happen in this lifetime. I think that it is great that educators from all over the world can get together and talk about what goes on in their classrooms and to discuss what learning really is all about. Seeing how things are done in education in different countries could really give educators all kinds of ideas. The US seems to be set in certain methods, some of which do not work at all. I would love to hear and see how subjects like math are taught in Japan or Germany.

  2. Kim Clevinger Says:

    I would say that this is an awesome experience and very educational to say the least. All I can say about the pictures is technology, technology, technology. Looks like everyone was having fun as they learned!!

  3. Ronn Varney Says:

    What an experience it must be to be at a place that has that many ideas to share. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for any age of educator to attend. Everyone can gain something from seeing how others are successfully implementing instruction. As we begin to talk about the design, I am sure that there were so many different designs to see that it was unreal. Nice Pics!!

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