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A Real Test

April 28th, 2009

I love this guy.

Class members should have seen this on their aggregators, but this is too current — too important to let slide.

My idea is simply this. How can we use an event like this, and all of the news sources that are available on a breaking, global story in our classrooms? How can we teach kids about which sources of information are valuable in the midst of swirling rumour? They must be able to evaluate the worthiness of primary information surces at a time like this. There are many different channels of information available. How can our understanding be collated and improved instead of swamped by information and rumour?

This is a real test of information literacy skills.

via Remote Access: Swine Flu and Breaking News in the Classroom.

Clarence is right. This is a real test. More than a test for his kids, it’s a test for us. We *think* we get it.

Do we?

The Song Remains the Same

April 5th, 2009

The US is approaching — if it hasn’t happend already — a crossroads in education. Is it something new? Take a look at this article.

The concept of “high tuition/high aid” as a policy for public higher education is frequently discussed as an option for four-year colleges, and especially for flagships. The theory goes that students are better off at universities that charge more so that they have more educational resources — and that the potential for lost access for low-income students can be prevented through generous student aid programs.

via News: Mulling Tuition Policy at Community Colleges – Inside Higher Ed.

If you didn’t catch it, check the date.

Have things changed?

How has the economic crisis (as cultural artifact) had an influence on education and/or technology?

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April 2nd, 2009

I’ve been a bit derelict in directing the class so here’s a step back into the river of learning with a recap of something I found last year.