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The hidden curriculum…

October 23rd, 2009

I’ve been noticeably absent from posting these last few weeks. I wanted to see if you’d develop a discourse without me. You did … if it’s not exactly the discourse I would have liked to see, I’m still impressed that it developed in what was largely a vacuum.

This is by way of introduction of this post that came to me via retweet from @dpeter a few minutes ago …

This led me to the conclusion that few 21st century learning priorities are less about technical skills, tools, services, software or hardware but far more social, cultural and behavioural as they relate to states of being, thinking, feeling and acting with technology.

via ยป The hidden curriculum of 21st century learning.

It echoes a lot of what I’ve been saying early on in the class, but also takes it the extra step forward. When we hear about a “hidden agenda in education” it’s most often referencing a social agenda involving faith and values — and here’s a fresh take on that idea.

What do you think?