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The Summer of ’12

June 29th, 2012

Welcome to the EDUC628 summer students. We’ll kick the class off on Monday when the Blackboard system opens up, but for those of you who want a leg up, you’ll find plenty to digest here.

I taught this course last summer, too. The initial post is still available. You might find it useful to review it. For summer there are only three books (not four) but that’s the only thing I’ve done to change the course from the normal fifteen week effort. You’ll be working a lot and, for some of you, using new technology that you don’t really like or want to use.

I appreciate your feelings, but this is an educational technology course. You will be required to use technology. Because it’s a 15 week course being offered in a four week time slot, you’re going to have to get over that quickly and move on.

Speaking of technology, you might find it useful to figure out how to handle podcasts now as well. The first podcast I did for last summer is still available. Rather than replicate that content, you should go investigate it for yourselves in the original.

One of the important things you should learn early is how to put these mp3s onto a portable player so you can take them with you and listen away from the computer. Failing to learn this will greatly hamper your ability in the course. Hint: grab the feed address and use iTunes to subscribe to it. The new audio will be delivered to your machine automatically.

Note: It probably won’t hurt your grade if you decide to listen on your computer. If all you care about is education, feel free to make things as difficult as you are comfortable with. If you’d like to actually — you know — learn something this semester and get through the course with as little effort as possible, these suggestions might prove useful now as well as after the course is over.

And yes. I’ll probably be a little snarkier than you’re used to. I don’t subscribe to the “sugar coat it” theory. I’ll not be purposefully rude, and if you find something I say or do insulting or offends you, please let me know. We’re all going to be on this bobsled ride together and, frankly, I intend to have some fun with it. But not at your expense. Let me know if/when/where you think I’ve crossed the line.

So, get going. Keep up. Don’t miss a day. Your job is to convince me that you’re reading and thinking about what we’re talking about. If you fall behind, then you’re not part of the conversation. If you’re not part of the conversation, your grade will reflect that. If you have a problem email me right away. Use the gmail address and it’ll get delivered to my phone.

Is good?


Get to work.