I talked a lot today. Didn’t mean to but it just worked out that way.

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  1. Johnny Fleming Says:


  2. Nathan Says:

    This is a great example of “telling a story” .. Thanks for looking it up for me Johnny.

  3. Steve Walker Says:

    The “RSS in Plain English” video is really good. Thanks for posting it, Johnny.
    I enjoyed the lecture, Dr. Lowell. It was very valuable, but it did not appear on my reader until 12 hours after you posted here (8:10pm CDT), and I did not hear it until I started work this morning about 4:00. Have any others experienced similar delays?

  4. Nathan Says:

    Your reader was right.

    While the publication time was correct (a few minutes after 7am) my actual publication happened later.

    Don’t adjust your set. That was my mistake. 🙂

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