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Last Day

July 27th, 2012

You have about fourteen hours to finish your projects and get them posted on your blogs.

It’s been a long month but we got through it. This will, in all likelihood, be my last graduate school course. It seems strange to say good-bye to a career that I’ve had for less than a decade, particularly considering that it took eight years to get through my master’s and doctoral programs in order to teach. There are a variety of reasons that I won’t bore you with. They all center around choosing where to spend my time. At my age, there’s not that much time left compared to what I’ve spent so far and I’m determined to pursue those dreams that might otherwise go unrealized.

Best wishes on your own journeys.

Summer School

June 22nd, 2011

In July, I’m teaching a section of EDUC 628 – Technology, Education, and Culture for Morehead State University.

At the moment I’m re-working some of the syllabus and getting ready for a four week whirl-wind tour of some of the key elements of educational technology.


  1. Postman, Neil (1993). Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Note: We’ll start here. Ebook format allows instant download.
  2. Cuban, Larry (1986). Teachers and Machines
  3. Hughes, Thomas P. (2005). The Human Build World: How to Think about Technology and Culture.

Central Questions

  1. How have technologies shaped the economic, social, and political life and educationa ideals and practices of our civilization?
  2. Who were the major contributors to the creation of our “technological society”?
  3. What have been the major positive and negative contributions of major technological innovations?
  4. What might be the long-term positive and negative effects on education and society of today’s new technologies?
  5. Who benefits most from new technologies?
  6. What epistemologies are inherent in particular technologies?
  7. What value biases (personal and political) are inherent in particular technologies?

Things You Will Need

  1. See the link to Day Zero for the initial set up
  2. You will need access to ereader software (smartphone, kindle, computer, etc)*
  3. You will need to be able to listen to mp3 files (ipod, smartphone, computer, etc)

[UPDATE: July 4]
*Note: Make sure the Postman book is available on the format you choose. If you don’t have an ereader, go to the Kindle Support page on Amazon and grab the copy of the free software for as many of the devices as you can use. I didn’t specify that you need to by from Amazon, so if you have a Nook already or just prefer that software on your mobile device, that’ll work.